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Wicker Park & Bucktown

Ultra-popular, multifaceted neighborhoods with vast appeal

Welcome to Wicker Park & Bucktown

The ultra-popular, multifaceted neighborhoods of Wicker Park and Bucktown appeal to every type of homeowner or renter. A blend of chic restaurants, dive bars, vintage boutiques, high-end retailers, and art galleries reflect these sister neighborhoods' rich eccentric spirit. Offering a little bit of everything to everyone on any every day of the week, it's a harmonious melting pot of younger professionals and younger free spirits, families, longtime residents, and everything in between. Beautiful graystone three-flats, early 20th century Victorians, refined live-work penthouses, and converted loft condos - just to name a few - are seen throughout their tree lined streets, all just a short walks in any direction to the hustling and bustling main roads awash in activity. Much new construction throughout these areas at a comparatively affordable price versus some of its neighbors to the north and east. While two distinct neighborhoods set in separate official community areas, Bucktown and Wicker Park share much in common, which is why you're reading them here in a combined post. The CTA Blue Line running along Milwaukee Ave connects their residents to downtown and O'Hare International Airport. Depending on who you're talking to on which day, their epicenter at the six corner intersection of Milwaukee Ave, Damen Ave, and North Ave will likely begin a friendly debate as to which neighborhood lays claim to it (this author states a safe rule of thumb is Bucktown to the north of North Ave, Wicker Park to its south - it's both of theirs equally!) This pocket of town is one of Chicago’s trendiest and hippest places to live, work, and play.

What to Love

  • Illustrious shopping and a variety of dining experiences
  • Timeless early 20th and modern 21st century architecture
  • Residing on major roads allowing access everywhere
  • Many people from many walks of life

What to Do

Small boutiques next to well-known, high end retail storefronts up and down Damen Ave welcome shoppers. Hip cafes, neighborhood cash bars, packed Saturday afternoon college football viewing burger and beer joints, trendy sushi, speciality pizza, live music and event spaces. Your options are boundless on any day or evening.
These neighborhoods have seen a steady rebuild and rebirth since the end of the previous century, all the while keeping their undeniable true city appeal. A highly walkable pocket of town, its dedicated public green spaces are aplenty. With multiple parks, Wicker Park's namesake being the largest, residents are afforded ample recreation space which doesn't involve shelling out hard earned dollars. A very pet friendly environment, these neighborhoods offer wonderful dog friendly spaces which are utilized all year long. And you'd be remiss to not take advantage of the Bloomingdale Trail, i.e. the "The 606." Erected atop the old Chicago & Pacific Railroad tracks, this once industrial rail line was rededicated as public green space in 2015. A true neighborhood achievement born of a collaborative effort amongst residents, City Hall, the Park District, and private business enterprise, this nearly 3-mile trail is utilized by all Chicagoans year-round. Not surprisingly, development around The 606 has followed, combining landscape and architectural breadth to this already desirable enclave of town.
And, of course, come summertime there's countless outdoor gatherings which are offered to the community, not least of which the annual Wicker Park Fest which any Chicagoan will tell you is one of their favorite summer congregations of food, music, shopping, and neighborhood pride.

Wicker Park & Bucktown Stats

**Chicago consists of 77 official community areas, none of which are identified as either Wicker Park or Bucktown. The Wicker Park neighborhood is within the West Town community area, which consists of several other additional neighborhoods. And the Bucktown neighborhood is within the Logan Square community area, which consists of several other neighborhoods, too.  Below are the official stats for the greater West Town and Logan Square community areas.  

West Town Stats

Population: ~ 88,000 
12-mo Single Family Median Home Price: $974,500(as of 9/1/2021)
12-mo Condo/Townhome Media Home Price: $500,000 (as of 9/1/2021)

Logan Square Stats

Population: ~ 72,000
12-mo Single Family Median Home Price: $869,900 (as of 9/1/2021)
12-mo Condo/Townhome Median Home Price: $428,000 (as of 9/1/2021)
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