Rogers Park

Chicago's northernmost neighborhood

Welcome to Rogers Park

Chicago's northernmost neighborhood greets you soon after exiting Lake Shore Drive, as residents know taking the bend at Sheridan Road soon leads into Devon Ave and welcoming them into Rogers Park. Featuring classic bungalows, walkups, new construction, it's a grand mix that caters to a diverse residency. Its western half has more single-family homes and green spaces, whereas its eastern streets house a denser population in mid to high-rise buildings, mirroring its other lakefront neighbors to the south. At the neighborhood's southeast corner sits Loyola University of Chicago. Enrolling 12,000+ undergrads, this mid-sized university offers the full collegiate experience right on beautiful Lake Michigan. Comprised of academics and athletics, multi-unit residential halls, and a beautiful campus with an urban backdrop, it's a collegiate experience which attracts students from throughout the country and beyond. Several commercial districts offer walkable services, amenities, and shopping. 

What to Love

  • Underrated amount of green space
  • Breathtaking lake views
  • Vibrancy and diversity
  • Quick access to the North Shore

What to Do

All along its eastern boundary sits Lake Michigan and its readily accessible beaches with far less crowds than neighboring beaches to its south. Go for the sand, the fishing, or a panoramic view of the downtown skyline. Beyond the shoreline, Rogers' residents enjoy over 30 parks which dot the neighborhood. Two of the residents' favorites include Touhy and Pottawattomie Parks, and Loyola Park and Beach. 

Combining the outdoors with artistic flair, Rogers Park is the city's foremost destination for public art, which is finely represented by the Miles of Murals, a community-based initiative that covers over 14,000 square feet of commissioned art throughout a five block-long stretch of neighborhood. A free and liberating art walk is enjoyed by all on a daily basis, interwoven into the physical fabric of the community. In addition to Miles, the neighborhood hosts its Artists of the Wall Festival which invites local artists to annually update a 600-foot lakefront mural at Loyola Beach. A sustainable, yet renewable piece of living art is one way to describe its annual turnover. And, like much of the city, Rogers Park offers a steady stream of live theater to be enjoyed at multiple establishments, both new and venerable.

A lively blend of families, professionals, and students leads to an exciting restaurant, coffee shop, and bar scene, albeit it at a more subdued pace than some of the communities to the south.  


Population: ~55,000

12-mo Single Family Median Home Price: $575,000 (as of 9/1/2021)

12-mo Condo/Townhome Median Home Price: $204,950 (as of 9/1/2021)

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