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At the northeastern tip of Cook County, the close knit community of Glencoe follows suit with the rest of the North Shore, offering its nearly 9,000 residents the expected tree-lined streets and unexpected picturesque ravines. With an unmatched natural ambiance, Glencoe's the benefactor of Lake Michigan on the east side of town, the Cook County Forest Preserve on the majority of its western border, and the Chicago Botanic Garden and the Skokie Lagoons at its northwest and southwest corners, respectively. Mother Nature engulfs this small North Shore town, with the forest preserve separating it completely from its neighboring villages to the north and west. Architecturally stunning, its residential streets showcase both older classical homes and newer custom built homes, all representing the town in a true, classic light. You'll see large lots, breathtaking stone and brick homes, sky scraping mature trees, and well manicured landscaping throughout Glencoe's residential streets. Some of the world's finest architects over the past 100 years have created timeless homes up and down Glencoe's streets. At its downtown is its core. Mixed into one are delectable restaurants, boutique stores, and an overall small business vibe that is witnessed throughout it tudor-styled store tops.

What to Love

  • Small town atmosphere with plenty of modern day amenities
  • Nestled away in its quiet corner of the North Shore
  • Beaches, forestry, and botany at your disposal
  • A spacious and non-condensed suburb
  • Trendy and modern dining cuisine, as well as the traditional fare

What to Do

Glencoe is a village ripe for the weekend outdoorsperson. Either within the confines of the village's borders or just outside the perimeter, there's scenic views at your disposal. The town offers two bike trails. The North Branch Trail connects Glencoe and the North Shore to the city, whereas the Green Bay Trail connects as far south as Wilmette and north as Lake Forest; therefore, encompassing a wide expanse. 

The Chicago Botanic Garden offers 385 acres of woods, waterways, and a colorful array of lush greenery. The Garden houses 27 individual gardens and four natural areas, including a world renown Bonsai collection. It's the midwest's horticultural destination for avid botanical enthusiasts or Sunday afternoon strollers, with one of the largest memberships in the country. Conveniently tied to the Green Bay Trail, it's easily accessible by car, bike, or foot. 

Changing speeds a bit from varietal beauty of the Botanic Garden to the Skokie Lagoons and forest preserve, you'll be entrenched in a more native natural surrounding. While no less impressive, the Skokie Lagoons is one of Chicagoland's finest outdoor nature experiences which many recent transplants wouldn't know about. Maintained by Cook County and originally commissioned by the FDR administration to improve drainage for the benefit of its residents, this 894-acre man-made waterway consists of 7 lagoons connected by channels to the Skokie River and the Chicago Botanic Gardens to its north. A lovely landscape for any who enjoy a day full kayaking, fishing, biking, hiking, or just sitting peacefully in nature. It's not to be missed. 

And at the far eastern edge of town, this North Shore suburb has...what else?...the beach. Glencoe Beach hosts summer days full of families, beach volleyball, sailing and kayaking, summer camps, and group outings. Being the town only public beach, it's offerings are quite vast - enduring all visitors get their choice of activity to embrace the warm weathered months. A fantastic place for group outings, The Trellis is an open-air gathering site right on the beach. Birthday parties, corporate team building events, and wedding rehearsal dinners have been known to take place against the beautiful backdrop of Lake Michigan's shores. 


District 203's New Trier High School, which consists of two separate campuses in neighboring towns Winnetka and Northfield, is regularly acknowledged within the state and nationally as a top-tier education designation with a 98% graduation rate and a 96% college enrollment rate. Every school year, it welcomes its new students from junior highs not only from Glencoe's District 35, but also neighboring suburbs Wilmette, Winnetka, Kenilworth, Northfield, and small pockets of Glenview and Northbrook.

District 35's is where the village's public K-8 learners prepare for high school. K-2: South School / 3-4: West School / 5-8: Central School

In addition to the aforementioned K-12 public options, many parents enroll their children at one of the many popular private schools throughout the North Shore.


Incorporated: 1869

Population: ~8,800

12-mo Median Home Price: $1,015,000 (as of 9/1/2021)


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