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Laidback lakefront living with a quieter touch

Welcome to Edgewater & Andersonville

Tucked away near the northeast corner of the city, the Edgewater community which consists of both the Edgewater and Andersonville neighborhoods - provides a quieter, perhaps even slower paced - existence in an otherwise busy metropolis. In these two neighborhoods, you're foregoing the late night clubs, countless Sunday afternoon sports pubs, and glitzy chique retailers. Instead, residents are offered mom-and-pop antique dealers, multicultural restaurants, and significantly underrated beachfront access. The social scene of see or be scene which attracts many to the beach fronts south of here, is substituted with a just be and let it be vibe reserved for residents wanting all the amenities without the hustle and bustle. A community-forward pocket of the city, longtime residents and new ones alike enjoy more attainable real estate price points, while still being on Lake Michigan with direct transportation into downtown. Residential real estate in Edgewater and Andersonville consists of classic early 20th century architecture combined with plenty of new construction condos and single family abodes with a slightly more affordable price point than it's lakeside neighbors to its south.

What to Love

  • Small city feel in comparison to the surrounding areas
  • Vintage inland settings and lakefront highrises
  • Eclectic dining options
  • Small business hub with longtime retailers

What to Do

Perusing the countless storefronts up and down Clark St, Andersonville's charm is on display year-round. Pushing the local-first business agenda, longtime shop keepers offer ensure patrons have everything at their disposal from antique furniture to freshly baked goods. With plenty of restaurants and local watering holes, Andersonville and Edgewater's vibrancy is always on full display. Home to the Swedish American Museum, Andersonville's Swedish immigrant roots are on full display, which the area wears with great pride. A diverse spread across all demographics, these neighborhoods have transformed over time to offer a strong sense of community to the many LGBTQ residents of Chicago. 

Never to be dismissed, Edgewater's Foster and Osterman Beaches sit at the northernmost tip of public greenspace whose footprint stretches southward to the Gold Coast. Edgewater's charm is significantly tied to the outdoor lake access and early 20th century architecture that can be described as grand and at times opulent. Chicago's nod to its past is seen throughout and Edgewater is no exception. 

Edgewater Stats

**Chicago consists of 77 official community areas, one of which is identified as Edgewater. The Edgewater and Andersonville neighborhoods are both within this community area.

Population: ~56,000

12-mo Single Family Median Home Price: $865,000 (as of 9/1/2021)

12-mo Condo/Townhome Median Home Price: $242,000 (as of 9/1/2021)

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